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Hiring a ghostwriter to help create that special book begins with finding exactly the right person. It begins with finding a writer with publishing credentials and editing experience that fits your project perfectly.

This is the most important decision that you will make in pursuing your writing dreams. Our team of writers and editors at Iron Fox Creative are highly published novelists, biographers, business writers, and non-fiction specialists. We know that creating a voice, tone, and style that fits you, your story, and your message are essential.

Whether you are writing a Novel, hiring a Biographer, or planning a Business Book, our professional writing and editing services are backed by more than twenty-five years of experience. The Iron Fox Creative team has been successfully collaborating with individuals across the country on Fiction and Non-Fiction projects since 1989. We have written successful and well-received Novels, Biographies, Self-Help Books, Business Books, and Screenplays of the highest quality.

Our Ghostwriting Process

We will take your idea, concept, or story and bring it to life in a book that is well-written, audience driven, and commercially viable.

The ghostwriting process is very straightforward:

  • We initiate every project by sending you a confidentiality agreement that protects the privacy of your material and all information pertaining to it.
  • Our next step is to gather all the information that we need to properly develop your idea. You may have written material you would like us read or research you would like us to do. Very likely we will want to schedule interviews so that you can share the details of your idea or story either in person or via telephone or Skype.
  • After we have gathered all the information we need, we create a detailed outline of your book. Once everyone is happy with the outline, we begin writing the first draft of your book. Finally, we make a second pass to make sure we have created the best written book possible.

Ghostwriting Time-frame

Shorter books, like self-help books or business books take 3-5 months to write.

Longer books, like biographies and novels, may take as long as 5-7 months.


Have a finished or partially finished manuscript?

We can provide Developmental Editing, Content Editing, and Line Editing that endeavors to honor the voice, tone, and style created by the author while crafting the strongest presentation possible.

Is your book ready for Copy Editing or Proofreading?

We provide these services as well. During the Copy Editing and/or Proofreading process, we make the manuscript as clean as possible with regard to spelling, grammar, and word usage. This is the last step before sending the manuscript to our book designer.

Beyond Writing and Editing

Once your book is complete, Iron Fox Creative can guide you through the process of publishing and marketing for success. From book cover design and interior book layout to online marketing and book promotion, we have experience in all phases of the process.

No matter what the project, our goal is to create an interactive and personalized working relationship with you aimed at producing the very best book possible.

Recent Work

Critically acclaimed writers teaming with knowledgeable publishing people equals a book worthy of all my hard work.
Jennifer Byars, Author of The Domination Game and Mixers
Iron Fox created a website that attracted visitors and kept them interested once they got there.
Tony Boyle, Author of Kangaroo Island
When you see the final product that Iron Fox brings to the table and marketing they provide for that product, you know you’ve chosen the right team.
Steve Shiver

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