Market to Sell

Writing and publishing your book is a major accomplishment, but most authors publish for more than just the sense of pride that comes with holding the professionally bound words in your hands. It’s the unglamorous side of being published that can be hard to think about…book sales. Your book may be fantastic and deserve to be a bestseller, but if no one knows your book exists, no one will ever read it. As a published author, you have a product…you are a brand…you need to market.

You Are Not Alone

If the pressure to sell is on and you are feeling overwhelmed, know that many other authors understandably feel the same. Most of our clients have a way with words, but aren’t necessarily comfortable with self-promotion and don’t have the time or marketing savvy it takes to efficiently drive book sales. That’s ok. Writing books is your expertise; selling books is ours. You are not alone in your need for help and you don’t have to be alone in making your book a success. Iron Fox Creative is here to support you every step of the way.

What We Offer

A Small but Mighty Team

Rather than relying on a single marketing specialist, we reach across departments to pull together our top resources, each with a unique marketing expertise, to form a strong team of experts all here to support you and your book. From website design and blogging, to book review submission and printed promotional materials, we have a specialist dedicated to your needs.


Our team has years of experience in publishing and marketing. Over time, we’ve been able to established relationships with book reviewers, bloggers and other important industry connections that aren’t easy to come by.

We’ve also come to understand that not all marketing strategies are a good fit for every book. We can confidently help you navigate which marketing efforts will work for you and which will likely be a waste of time and money.

A solid history in the industry is key, but it’s also important to know that the book business is constantly changing. We keep up with the latest book marketing trends to ensure that we’re offering our clients the very best solutions available.

These are the types of benefits that come with hiring a professional book marketing company. Let our experience help your book stand out among thousands of others in the same genre.

Customized Book Marketing Solutions

Any successful book marketing strategy should begin before your book is published and continue for as long as you wish to continue to sell books. But the elements and focus of your book’s marketing strategy should be customized to fit your unique voice, collection of work and reader following. We take the time to get to know you and your work before recommending a plan that will work most efficiently for you and your book.

Once your custom book marketing strategy is in place, it needs to be assessed and adjusted as time goes on to maintain an appropriate balance of exposure and resources.

Custom means flexible. Our individually packaged proposals offer our best solutions for your immediate and long term marketing goals. Each proposal we design is a combination of our individual services and can be discussed and adjusted based on the author’s needs and budget.

Recent Work

Critically acclaimed writers teaming with knowledgeable publishing people equals a book worthy of all my hard work.
Jennifer Byars, Author of The Domination Game and Mixers
Iron Fox created a website that attracted visitors and kept them interested once they got there.
Tony Boyle, Author of Kangaroo Island
When you see the final product that Iron Fox brings to the table and marketing they provide for that product, you know you’ve chosen the right team.
Steve Shiver

Our Book Marketing Services

  • Email Marketing
  • Niche Social Networks and Communities
  • Blogging
  • Title Submission to Popular Genre Specific Forums and Discussion Boards
  • Online Book Ads
  • Book Submission to 25 Genre Specific Blogs
  • Printed Promotional Materials
  • Weekly Book Submission to High Volume Blogs and Literary Websites
  • Press Release
  • Book Submission to more than 100 Reviewers
  • Author Websites
  • Social Platform Basics:Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more!