A Ghostwriter is a professional writer who takes your idea or story and brings it to life in a well-written book.
We write and edit all types of books, including: novels, screenplays, biographies and memoirs, educational, technical and business books, inspirational, spiritual, self-help and health books.
First, we share a confidentiality agreement protecting the privacy of your idea and/or content. Then, you share your idea with us. Next, we gather all the information that we need about your idea. You may have some written material you would like us read or some research would like us to do. Very likely we will want to schedule interviews so that you can share the details of your idea or story.
While we often do phone interviews, the most effective interviews are face-to-face. We conduct these interviews either at our offices in Denver or in your location, which ever works best for you. We usually schedule two days back to back, though this varies.
Our next step is to create a detailed outline of your book. Once everyone is happy with the outline, we begin writing the first draft of your book. The book will be submitted to you, chapter by chapter, for review to ensure that your voice is accurately captured throughout the project. Once the first draft is done, we make a second pass to make sure the end result is the best written book possible.
The most important part of the process is making sure we have a voice, tone, and style that fits you, your book, and your message. This is so critical.
Shorter books, like self-help books or business books take 3-5 months. Longer books, like biographies and novels, take 5-7 months.
We do. We can help design your book cover, layout the interior of your book for printing and uploading as an ebook, and help with online marketing and social media content to help promote your book.
You own all the rights to your book. The copyright is always in your name. Never let anyone tell you differently.


Yes, our professional design team will produce several book covers based on your personal vision of the cover and your specific genre. After the designs are complete, we present them to you for your evaluation and final choice.
Absolutely. Proofreading and copy editing (the process of making the manuscript as clean as possible with regard to spelling, grammar and word usage) is essential, and our team of professional copy editors can help.

The Interior Layout of your book and the design of your Book Cover are two of the most important steps you will take during the publishing process.
For Print on Demand, a PDF file formatted to the specific dimensions of your book, paperback, or hard cover is required. Also, your file must follow the printer’s required specifications.

We provide print ready PDF files usable for any major print on demand company, including Createspace, Ingram, Lighting Source, and Lulu.
You will need to supply us with your finished manuscript, preferably in doc, docx format.
We provide e-book Formatting for presentation on all major online platforms, from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Books to those applicable for the iPad, iPhone, personal computers, and smartphones.

If you upload any file other than a mobi file, Amazon will automatically convert your file into the mobi format. During the conversion process the presentation might be altered and will not display the way you intended.
We also have experience with optimizing Amazon listings, ensuring the best visibility possible.

Yes, we can include all of those elements in your book, both print and e-book.
Depending on the length of the manuscript, the process typically takes one week.
While we prefer to accept manuscripts in Microsoft Word format, we accept Word (doc, docx), OpenOffice (odt), HTML (various), PDF, inDesign files, and just about anything else.
Yes, we provided assistance and guidance throughout every step of the process.

Traditional Publishing refers to the longstanding “tradition” of creating a relationship with a mainstream publishing house, either big or small, who buys the rights to your book in exchange for an advance and the hope of royalties. The publishing house markets and distributes your book to the reading public via bookstores and, of course, the Internet.

When you self-publish, you are the publisher. You control everything from the book cover design and the interior layout to the marketing and distribution of your book. You will sell most of your printed books and ebooks via the Internet, but you can also work with a printer who will fulfill your books to anyone who buys them

The publishing process begins with copy editing and designing a memorable and distinctive book cover. Once the copy editor is complete and we have the final manuscript, we begin designing the interior layout for your print book, formatting your book for the electronic edition, and employing online marketing services to help gain exposure for your book.
You own the rights to your book. The copyright is in your name.
We have assisted hundreds of clients through the publishing process.
No, we do not receive any royalties from your book sales. You own all the rights to your book. You own all of the files that are created during the process and all materials pertaining to it.
Our services include ebook and print book formatting and design, book cover creation, editing, and marketing.
We specialize in both print book formatting and ebook design. We will assist you through every step of the process for both Print on Demand and ebook.

Author Websites

Selling your book on a site like Amazon is great, but the web page your book is sold on will have a long, meaningless URL, making it nearly impossible to direct people to it. If you ask people to search for your book title on Amazon, it’s easy to become distracted and they may end up finding something else. With your own website, you can simply direct people to to purchase your book. Including book sales on your website means that all of your marketing efforts can lead to this one simple domain.

Additionally, your own website can be more personalized than third-party book sites typically allow. You may want to host a blog or add pictures or other elements that will help readers connect with you and your book. Having your own website will establish your brand as an author and help increase sales, while a third-party site will only allow you to blend in among thousands of other books.

We recommend using both. This allows your website to pop-up in the search engines whether someone is searching for your book title or the author name. Additionally, if you have written more than one book (or if you might possibly write more in the future), it’s best to start your marketing efforts with (rather than and continuing to build on to this site, as it will increase your page rank over time. Finally, it’s always good to own your name as a url, so that someone else can’t buy it and show up ahead of you in the search engines.
We recommend that authors blog for a variety of reasons. A blog allows fans to connect with you and feel like they’re really getting to know you. If they like your book, they’ll most likely want to hear more about what you have to say. Your followers might inspire ideas for future projects, provide feedback on writing samples, and even jump start your next preorder list. If you are an author, but not a writer, we offer blogging services…one of our professional writers will post and engage regularly on your behalf.
An author website typically consists of an author’s bio, a photo of the author, book synopsis, photo of the book, ways to buy the book, pricing, book reviews, social media links, and author contact details. This is just the short version. Every site is unique and could include a blog, more photos, speaking engagement information, calendar of events, upcoming book signings, other services you offer, etc. The possibilities are completely endless depending on what your goals are. We’ll discuss these goals with you and determine the best solution for you.
Absolutely! We typically set this up through a PayPal account. This makes it very easy for someone to purchase your book directly from your site and cuts out any additional fees from third-party sites.

Book Marketing

We offer numerous marketing vehicles for each title, including:

Email Marketing
Submission and posting content to social networks and communities
Submission to specific forums, message, and discussion boards
Creating an increasing and consistent presence using major social networking avenues
Submit review request to book reviewers, bloggers, and book review websites

Yes! We will make weekly book review submission request to online book reviewers, blog sites, and literary websites specific to the genre of your title. Once accepted, the very important sites read and review your work and disseminate it to their followers.
No, we never pay for book reviews.
Once your title is published through a print on demand company, we can help approach book stores and submit the requested paper work necessary to have your title considerate for book stores.