The Exception by Bill Tichenor


A Memoir – Bill Tichenor


It has been nineteen years since I was involved in an all-but-fatal race car accident. Despite serious head trauma, awful odds, and nearly two years in rehab, I not only recovered, but continue to learn and thrive. I have come to realize there is a reason this accident happened to me. I also know that I have been given the determination to overcome the mental and physical obstacles to achieve something great.

I am a former race car driver, a licensed private pilot, a seasoned marathoner, ultra-marathoner, and triathlete. I have traveled around the world several times. I’ve been married and divorced three times, and I have three amazing children. I’ve lived a very interesting, if turbulent, life and I’ve seen and done many remarkable things in my fifty plus years on the planet.

If you or someone you care about has experienced a brain injury, I hope THE EXCEPTION will provide some helpful information and/or inspiration. I share the highlights, as well as the low points of my journey. I believe that knowing the good and the bad are crucial to understand where I came from, who I am, and why I, somehow, truly am The Exception.

“Sometimes you have to ‘die’ to learn to live…”