Welcome To Iron Fox Creative

At Iron Fox Creative, we believe that an author can benefit greatly by working with a small, personalized company on all four phases of the creative process:

What makes us different? Our experience in each of these specialized phases and the ability to bring them together to create a cohesive, successful product. We recognize the importance of creating strong, interpersonal relationships with our clients. Our goal is to make the process as interactive and enjoyable as possible. Whether you are writing your biography, publishing a self-help book, or marketing your novel, you will always know exactly who you are working with throughout the process.

Meet Our Team

Mark Graham
Mark GrahamCo-Founder
Mark is a critically acclaimed author who has been writing and editing professionally since 1988.

He has written and published five critically acclaimed novels.
The Harbinger (Henry Holt & Co., 1989)
The Missing Sixth (Harcourt, Brace, & Jovanovich, 1991)
The Fire Theft (Viking Penguin, 1993)
The Natanz Directive (St. Martin’s Press, 2013)
Jack MacTavish and the Portals of Light (2014)

His credits included collaborations on such notable publications as the educational expose Scars of Love (At-Risk Educational Services, 2008), the acclaimed business book Everything I Know as a CEO I Learned as a Waitress (It’s All Good Publishing, 2007), and the World War II biography Spearhead: Advance and Defend (Amur Books, 2006).

He has also written a noted book of inspirational verses called Parents Are Diamonds – Children Are Pearls.

He is currently adapting The Natanz Directive into a feature film script for Patriot Pictures.

He is the owner and operator of Mark Graham Communications and Graham Publishing Group.

Paige Wiese
Paige WieseCo-Founder
A self-taught web developer, Paige has enjoyed everything related to art and design from a young age. Through the process of building her career as a graphic and web designer, she uncovered a passion for business development and entrepreneurship. Like many small business owners, she experienced ups and downs and has come to appreciate the role that problem solving plays in learning and growing from every situation. She draws from her practical experiences to assist clients, encouraging them to look outside the box and brainstorm creative solutions for continued growth.

In 2013, Paige earned a Bachelor degree in IT, with a concentration in Web Design from the University of Phoenix, but her pursuit of knowledge did not end there. Striving to stay current in the ever changing industries of marketing and technology and to develop a deeper understanding of marketing trends, how consumers think, and how to invite customers to engage, Paige is always listening to books, attending seminars, and keeping an eye on industry news.

Having taken the risk of starting a business and facing the uncertainty of what was to come, Paige says she is fortunate to be where she is today. She hopes to continue assisting writers and businesses owners in achieving their goals and educating them on the importance of unique marketing strategies that will help them stand out in front of the competition.

Nicole Bernholtz
Nicole BernholtzAuthor Services Specialist
After graduating from Iowa State University with a Bachelor degree in Literary Studies, Nicole began her career at a printing and marketing company, where she learned the ins and outs of printing, the technicalities of designing for print and strategies to develop successful marketing campaigns.

Since 2008, Nicole has been helping businesses achieve success through marketing. She’s done everything from facilitating design and production of marketing materials to maintaining day to day communications and long term relationships with clients and vendors to writing content for advertising, websites, blogs and other marketing materials.

During her career, she has worked with several literary clients, editing novels and marketing content, setting up and managing social media accounts, assisting in the development of author websites and implementation of marketing efforts, and helping to get their work out on the market.

Nicole is excited to be at Iron Fox Creative, where her love of the arts combined with her experience in marketing, media, print and customer service are put to good use helping our clients successfully share their experiences, knowledge and creative ideas with the world.

Colin Graham
Colin GrahamDirector of Publishing
Colin Graham was formerly an executive with Regal Entertainment Group in Colorado.

Since 2013, he has been the Director of Operations for Graham Publishing Group, a comprehensive design firm specializing in book design and layout, cover design, and marketing, where he enjoys collaborating with authors on books in a variety of genres.

As a member of Iron Fox Creative, he looks forward to continuing his work with authors and designers, facilitating design projects, exploring creative and innovative ideas, and assisting clients by whatever means possible.